Our Bay. Our Responsibility.


Our Mission

Our mission at QBC is to restore the once pristine ecosystem of Quahog Bay to a robust and flourishing state. Through restoration and education objectives, we aim to conserve the natural habitat, native wildlife and foster local environmental stewards that will protect the bay for generations to come.

Quahog Bay Conservancy is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2014.

About Our Bay

The Bay is made up of nearly one thousand acres of productive, intertidal and sub-tidal marine habitat, and is home to a diverse array of seabirds, shellfish and other marine life. Its waters have supported both traditional commercial and recreational fishing for generations and also attracts countless outdoor enthusiasts.


Challenges We Face

Trash regularly floats in the water, washes up on the shoreline and sits in the sediment at the bottom of the Bay. We love recreational boaters, but some bad apples are dumping their bilges directly into the Bay, and many of the seasonal cottages with antiquated septic systems have resulted in sewage contamination so severe that the majority of the Bay has been closed to all shellfish harvesting for well over a decade.